• Previous Engagements

  • Agile cost estimation

  • Code Review: We locate quality and security gaps

  • Agile: coaching and cost estimation

  • Distributed and scalable: Built for the cloud

  • Enterprise Android: Bespoke Android enterprise systems


We offer the following services

We believe good communication and face to face collaboration is essential in building both working relationships and quality software. We communicate in plain English and provide practical cost effective solutions.

Enterprise Systems Development

There has never been a better time to automate and streamline your business. Cloud computing has opened new unprecedented techniques to automate, lower transactional cost, streamline and transform your business. Ask us how to leverage the latest digital technology offerings that make a real difference to your bottom line.

  • End to end solutions explained in plain English
  • Business Transformation, Cloud Migration
  • Business process analysis and modelling
  • Mobile, web and legacy system integration
  • Internet enablement of existing systems
  • Cloud migrations with on-site system integration
  • Vendor agnostic, use the best tools for the job
  • Cloud ready software that scales to traffic demands
  • Durable design for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Embedded firmware and Internet of things
  • Focus on core business, outsource with us

Consulting & Software Development Coaching

We lead successful agile software projects at enterprise scale.
We can help guide your software team to better results with proven practical advice, consulting and coaching.
Need an independent, neutral third party to perform an audit, review or restructuring? We can help.

  • Agile coaching by certified Scrum masters
  • Project requirements workshops
  • Product development
  • Agile project cost estimation and planning
  • Project rescue and restructure services
  • Source Code level Security & Performance review
  • Continuous delivery/integration adoption
  • Short-term mentoring and pair programing
  • Code quality & development metrics review
  • PCI compliance and pre-audits
  • System risk assessments